pensées picturales multimédias
multimedia pictorial thoughts

artiste autodidacte / self-taught artist
take on these two words
to create a complete work, together with you

I've always had a bubbling creativity and a desire to express my thoughts.
However, I took a different career path that didn't fulfill me. So I changed my life and started to create. At first, nothing artistic, just products and services...

But I jotted down thoughts and aphorisms, and little by little, I came to visualize these concepts, culminating in my first exhibition. In 2010.
Reactions were positive. Sales followed.
However, it took me several years, a series of wonderful encounters, exhibitions in well-known venues and numerous sales to gain confidence in my work and my abilities.

From now on, I want to go all the way.
I want to produce a complete work of art.
It's a great ambition and I know how to do it, but I also know that I need your help.

I create the messages, and your reactions, your opinions, your purchases... direct me towards the most accomplished forms of expression of these messages.
In the end, you, me, us, produce a complete work of art!

pensées picturales multimédias / multimedia pictorial thoughts
art seeks to represent our world
my art seeks to represent our inner world

Many artists define themselves by the form of what they create, by their technique: pointillist, cubist, engraver, watercolorist...
That's not my case.
I define myself by the content, the meaning.
My raw material is the message.
The starting points of my creations are messages, concepts.

I can't say why, but I feel certain things and I want to express them.
To share them.
It's about paying attention to the world, to the individual, to life, to love... picking up elements and placing them in my creations. Sometimes I have the impression that when you "receive" one of my creations, you feel the same way I did when I created it.
So, yes, I feel like I belong.

By way of example, here are a few concepts I've already dealt with:
- independence of spirit,
- the importance of the present moment,
- positivity,
- the chance to live,
- the uniqueness of being,…



pensées picturales multimédias / multimedia pictorial thougts
I try to express concepts in simple, uncluttered, impactful images…
and sometimes I succeed.

In the words of novelist Henry Roth, "if you could stick a name on it, you'd own it". Indeed, if you can't name something, it doesn't really exist. And this is even truer for feelings, sensations and concepts.

How do we feel about the concept of the present moment?
The concept of the personal transformations necessary to the couple's existence?
The importance of being yourself?

By picturing these concepts, they materialize.
They exist.
They become visible, palpable.
They become clearer, and we can make them our own.
In fact, the materialization of a concept is a reminder, a stimulus, a shortcut to a clearer perception of that concept.

Regularly, customers come to see me, moved, explaining how this or that creation has changed something in their lives or brought them greater well-being and openness, which is a great joy for me.

pensées picturales multimédias / multimedia pictorial thougts
an example: "Filtrée" (filtered)

This creation is made up of numerous squares intended to represent certain emotions, certain feelings. Of course, the choice of these feelings and emotions is subjective. You would certainly have chosen others, and I, at another time, would have chosen others.

Their representation is even more subjective: how to represent modesty in a 4 cm square. The message is elsewhere. If you look closely, you'll see distorted letters.
The four top-left squares suggest an R. The four squares at the top center suggest an E, the four squares on the right suggest an A.
The lower squares suggest an L, then an I, a T and finally an E.
These distorted letters make up a word.
The word REALITÉ (reality) !
Can you see it?

This pictorial thought seeks to express that we perceive a reality filtered (hence the title) by our feelings, our emotions.

pensées picturales multimédias / multimedia pictorial thougts
a particular vision of the role of the artist
and the place of art in everyone's life

I really like Christophe.
We've been friends since we were 13.
At a time when I was short of money, he asked me to go to a restaurant. I explain that I couldn't possibly return the invitation, and prefer to decline.

"You don't have to return me on the value." is his reply.
It means: you don't have much money right now, but I do. So, I pay for the restaurant and you buy me a drink, a movie, or whatever. You return the invitation according to your means.
The gesture, the value.

It's the same with pictorial thoughts.
I offer them in a variety of media, sizes and colors, some in several languages, and of course, for different budgets.

So you can make the message your own, whatever your criteria.
You want a canvas because you find its impact more powerful?
You can choose canvas!
Want a postcard to keep with you?
You can choose the postcard!

And so on, depending on your budget, the space you have,
your decor, what you want to do with it...
Thanks to multimedia, if you're interested in a creation,
you can have it… and see it whenever you like.

"Vous êtes ici vous êtes maintenant" (You are here, you are now)
already exists in
- Painting
in photo: acrylic on linen canvas, 40x80 cm
- Postcard
- Digital print
in photo format 50x70 cm
- Book
410 creations, including "Vous êtes ici, vous êtes maintenant", in photo on a bookstore shelf.

Other media coming soon.

pensées picturales multimédias / multimedia pictorial thougts
existing media

Digital prints
High-quality prints, numbered and signed by hand,
come with personal certificate of authenticity.
Several formats, 99 pieces all formats together.
Since the 1st exhibition in 2010, 2,500 pieces sold to customers in 60 countries.

They take you on a (re)discovery of life, society, the individual, love, money...
1st edition, 2016, title: Mots Art, collection of 232 creations, 500 copies, sold out
2nd edition, 2020, title: diphérent, collection of 410 creations, 500 copies.

Since 2016, around fifty designs. Format 15x21 cm (2x larger / classic card)

I've been painting regularly since late 2021.
And you know what? I love it!
And you know what? Paintings sell!

For each pictorial thought, I want to paint several pieces, exploring formats, colors, types of paint, materials, approaches, compositions… So you can find the same message treated in different ways and/or in different formats, making each painting a unique piece.

The idea is to explore, try, make mistakes, succeed…
so as to be able, one day, to produce major pieces for each creation:
- large size: rare pieces in the format
- master size: unique piece in the format.

pensées picturales multimédias / multimedia pictorial thougts
upcoming media

- Sculptures, volume pieces
- Installations
- x8
8 identical prints (work of art from a fiscal point of view) of very high quality in a large format different from digital print formats
- Real supports
banknotes, forms, signs...
- Fine objects
volume pieces, good quality, small series
- Alts
digital prints in 3 fairly small formats different from digital prints neither signed nor numbered, but offering variations, ALTernatives.
- Posters
- T-shirts
- ...

And all this for when? In the next few years.
This multimedia aspect is a major artistic axis for me, so it will come, I promise.

Multimedia doesn't mean mass-media!
On the one hand, my art is aimed at people like you: sensitive, intelligent and open-minded. And, unfortunately, there aren't very many of us.
Secondly, I intend to distribute my creations and related products myself.
So this will remain fairly confidential.

the future
from the beginning
I imagine an artistic journey in several phases

First phase: installation
- Can I be an untrained artist?
- Will you be interested in my creations?
- Will I be able to offer you something that makes sense, in terms of price and media?
- Will I be able to come up with interesting new creations over time?
- Can I make a decent living out of it?
It's taken me over 10 years, but I've got the answers!
And they're positive.

2nd phase: affirmation
This phase begins now.
- assert this particular artistic approach: multimedia pictorial thoughts (each of these three words),
- push pictorial thougts further,
- explore new concepts,
- invest in equipment, studio, projects
- develop notoriety
- live more comfortably
- ...

Then maybe one day the phase 3.
The phase of success.
The one that will come in my lifetime or afterwards,
but which may never happen at all!

In any case, I’m feeling good and my intention is to fulfill myself as an artist.
But also to maintain a sincere humility accompanied by a fierce desire to assert beautiful values.

Our values.

Would you like to take this journey with me?

the future
in addition to pictorial thoughts
I work on other concepts

Two concepts that already exist

- Love-bouquet
A bouquet composed of the first names of those you love: couple, family, siblings... here's an example

- Letcol
LETters+COLors: by superimposing the letters of a word, I obtain intersections, to which I apply colors (see photo on the 3rd cover).

And more concepts to come, 2 of which are (almost) finished:

- Whyrbmb
Paintings, based on an observation of what makes up paintings...
More info soon

- For companies
A creation that allows every team member to play a part…


you and me
...he who paints saves his soul provided he is bought
and buying his painting brings indulgences…

The above quote is taken from Alexis Jenni's novel "L'art français de la guerre". Because yes, it's obvious, I need you!
What is written on the preceding pages only holds together because we have a relationship. An emotional, intellectual and commercial relationship.

Without your purchases, my approach remains intellectual.
Thanks to your purchases, my art exists.
OUR art exists.

So yes, treat yourself to art!
Come and see me at exhibitions, or place your order on my website:

It's being improved, but in the meantime it's up and running, functional and secure.

In any case, I work alone, so you can use the site, the telephone, e-mail or the exhibitions, but you're in direct contact with me.
It's my art, it's my name…
I do everything I can to make sure you're satisfied with your purchase.

Long live art!

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phone : +33 613 023 024

address :
40 G, rue Floralia
13009 Marseille